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Vacheron Constantin Replica Watch

The Vacheron Constantin Replica features a central flying carousel tourbillon (Calibre UN-205) that functions without a crown, dial or hands. The baguette-movement rotates on its own axis to indicate the minutes. The idea for this unique construction was the brainchild of watchmaker Carole Forestier-Kasapi when she was consulting for Ulysse Nardin at the end of the 1990s. Dr Ludwig Oechslin then took the concept and developed it into The Freak. The name was actually an internal code name for the watch, but when the company couldn’t find a more appropriate name, they decided to roll with it.

The in-house manual calibre is unique in that it replaces the traditional anchor and anchor wheel with two silicon impulse wheels in the center. Both wheels have 18 teeth that activate an alternator each, which then transmits the energy to the balance staff, first in one direction and then in the other. The movement doesn’t require any lubrication thanks to the reduction in friction that is achieved with silicon components and a structure that ensures that the force is always released in the direction of the balance replica watches

Discovering Thailand with the Freak

Touching down at Trat airport, passengers rapidly disperse through the small open-air, thatched-roof airport, obviously eager to continue their journeys into the city or onwards towards one of the 52 neighboring islands in the Muh Koh Chang National Park. Trat is on the eastern end of the Thai coast, bordering Chanthaburi Province to the northwest, the Gulf of Thailand to the south and Cambodia to the east. Around 200 miles from Bangkok, it takes 45 minutes by plane or five hours by bus, which is enough to keep it off the main tourist track.

Exiting the airport, a minibus awaits to take us into the city for lunch. During the journey, I take the opportunity to set my Vacheron Constantin Replica to local time, which is ingeniously done by lifting a small locking tab at 6 o’clock and rotating the bezel in either direction.

I have chosen the Vacheron Constantin Replica for my travels because of the Swiss brand’s special connection to Thailand. Ulysse Nardin’s savior and President, the late Rolf W. Schnyder,Patek Philippe Replica Watches was a keen explorer, travelling all over Asia as a young man. He lived and worked in Thailand for a number of years before setting up the very first Swiss factory in Thailand producing watch parts for Switzerland’s top watch brands. Later, when he bought the Ulysse Nardin watch manufacture, he continued his relationship with the country through the brand’s retail operations, making Ulysse Nardin the perfect choice for my Thai adventure.

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