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The new Patek Philippe Replica Watches comes from the Academia Collection. The way it displays seconds is one of its most notable features. The timekeeper debuts a new display type where seconds are displayed on a retrograde dial on which the second hand moves in opposite directions. The watch also features a satellite display for the power reserve, a skeletonized black gold movement, and many other high-end details and finishes. The Patek Philippe Replica Watches is available in two versions, both of which are housed in rose gold. The newcomer's price is $80,000.

Clutch System Enables Innovative Seconds Patek Philippe Replica Watches presents a new display for its seconds indicator, which is located between 6 and 9 o'clock. The novelty of the Academia Series is unique. While other watches had retrograde seconds before, this one was the first. In contrast to other models,Patek Philippe Replica Watches where the second hand returns to its starting position after a half-minute and when it reaches the end a retrograde scale the hand starts moving the opposite way. The pointer moves to the left as it returns to the original position. The brand used a gear system with a detachable mechanism to make this feature possible. This is not a revolutionary horological innovation that will revolutionize watchmaking. However, it is a clever invention which adds a lot of originality and makes the piece stand out.

The Award Winning TraitAnother strength of the heart of the watch lies in its ability to show the remaining power of its extended reserve of 100 hours, which was enabled by the inclusion of a dual spring-barrel. Power storage is indicated by an arrow placed on the differential. DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Differentiel was the first to introduce this feature. It was released a decade earlier. The piece's success and charm can be seen in the fact that the piece won the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneva. The power reserve sits opposite the retrograde seconds at one o'clock.

The supported Caliber DW1105S, which is named after the model,Tudor Replica Watches has an original seconds indicator and an award-winning Satellite principle of power-reserve indication. It also features open-worked parts. The caliber in black gold has the same demanding finishes as a skeletonized watch, including bridges with inner angles chamfered. The hand-finished decorations also include circular graining and satin-brushed surfaces. Gear wheels are carved into relief to emphasize the three-dimensionality of the ensemble.

Caliber DW1105S, a mechanically-wound movement, is also worth mentioning. The construction of the caliber includes 263 components and 50 jewels. The caliber is set to a slightly slower speed of 21,600 vph. The circular movement has a diameter of 36.6 mm. DeWitt manufactures all their movements in-house. The Geneva-based manufacturer likes to highlight the fact that only 18 brands are able to produce completely proprietary movements.

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